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  2. I will inbox you my email, so you can send some pics over.
  3. I can post some photos when I get home tomorrow, possibilly looking at going to Scoobyfest in york, could meet somewhere if your still intrested
  4. Where do i need to look for pics thanks.
  5. Im in the west midlands, but im willing to travel for the right one.
  6. where are you based about, Im possibily looking to sell #305 It has 79,000 on the clock, forged engine @50000, Fsh with 13 stamps in book, last serviced in febuary, refurbished wheels with new michelins, black carpets, will be getting MOT next week, if you look back through the forms you can see pictures and full engine spec that was done, Im in fife by the way if its not to far from you
  7. I'm on holiday just now till 29th will be in touch upon my return. If you can pm your mobile phone number and I will give you a message. Cheers
  8. I did 400 miles to look at one in Leeds the weekend but it had had to much paint work. Im hoping it will be worth the wait.
  9. Earlier
  10. These aren't available - I bought them.
  11. How are you fixed for this week?
  12. Just need to keep your eyes peeled mate. I travelled 240 miles to get mine. The ad told a couple of lies but I love Chistene to bits so that was that. Deal done and went back down the following week to pick her up. Point is, there isn't many around so you'll have to spend time travelling about to find 1.
  13. I would consider one upto 60,000 miles
  14. Give craig a shout at skids mate. I got a very decent head unit for £400
  15. Those of you that already use Fuchs Oils will be aware of the quality of their products, especially if you are using their Titan Race Pro range. Well, we are pleased to inform you that Opie Oils are offering 15% off ALL Fuchs Titan Race Pro S and Pro R engine oils! Be quick, this is for a limited time only. To get this discount, all you need to do is use the code: OILPRO at checkout! Unfortunately, your forum discount cannot be used in conjunction with this. One of the most popular choices in this range is the Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5w-40. Originally, 5 litres of this was £46.99 but with the discount it is now £39.95! Another very popular viscosity is the Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 10w-50 - this was £47.95 for 5 litres, and is now £40.76! Fuchs engine oils meet the latest and most demanding specifications set including the latest ACEA C1, C2 and C3 low SAPS approvals. Opie Oils are official distributors for this prestigious brand, so if your vehicle is getting fast road use, track days, or competition use, we've got you covered whatever your set up or level of modifications! There is an array of benefits to be gained from using these fully synthetic ester based oils, some of which include: - Enhanced anti-wear properties - Outstanding temperature protection and cold start characteristics - Suitable for use in turbocharged and normally aspirated diesel and petrol engines - Increased fuel economy - Reduced emissions - Ester content creates surface-active layer, meaning a thin layer of oil on the surfaces at all times Every oil you will find in this Titan Race Pro range including the Pro S and Pro R oils, is a fully synthetic, ester based high performance engine oil providing optimum protection for extended engine life and reliability - with the added bonus of having 15% off! Simply click HERE to see the entirety of what we have to offer. Below are links to each of them: - Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5w-30 - Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5w-40 - Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 10w-50 - Fuchs Titan Race Pro R 15w-50 - Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 10w-60 - Fuchs Titan Race Pro R 10w-40 - Fuchs Titan Race Pro C3 5w-30 If you need a bit of advice on choosing the perfect oil for your particular vehicle, give us a call on 01209 202 944 Monday to Friday, 8:30-5:30 or drop us an email to and we can provide a free bespoke recommendation for you. That's all for now folks! - Oilman
  16. Im looking for a enthusiasts owned RB320 maximum 50,000 miles. Is anyone selling one ??? Thanks Chris.
  17. Hi, can i just confirm, if i lock with the key, the interior sensors wont come on, so being on a car ferry for 36 hours wont set the alarm off, if the sea's rough?
  18. Possibly going away this weekend so try for next week sometime if that's ok.
  19. we carry genuine Brembo seal kits (as well as most brake / chassis / engine parts) on the shelf but that particular seal is not available
  20. Hi guys Opie Oils have a pair of tickets to the British Racing Sports Car Club race weekend at Rockingham up for grabs, so if you and a guest fancy spending the weekend watching this great event, then you may be in luck! To be in with a chance of winning these tickets, all you have to do is drop us a PM titled ROCKINGHAM. In the message, please include your full name, the name of your guest, your address, telephone number and email address - this will make sure that we can get in touch with you as quickly as possible after the winner has been selected. The event is all weekend, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June. Please only apply if you are able to attend the weekend, as it would be a shame for the tickets to go to waste Should you be the lucky winner of these tickets, your guest and yourself will meet a member of the David Sleigh Race Team at the gates at 10:30AM on Saturday 17th June. They will then provide you with your passes and bring you accross to their race awning, skipping the waiting lines. Here, you can meet this awesome racing team, hang out for the day and have some lunch whilst watching the action take place on the International Super Sportscar Long Circuit. This features action from: - BRSCC Alfa Romeo Championship - BRSCC Fiesta Championship - BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship - Drayton manor Theme Park MG Metro Cup - Excool OSS Championship - SMRC Scottish BMWs - SMRC Scottish Minis - DDMC Northern Saloon & Sports Car Championship (Sunday only) You can find full details of the event HERE, and David Sleigh Racings page HERE. Please feel free to drop us a line too if you need any further information, we're in the office Monday to Friday 8:30 - 5:30 on 01209 202 944 or via email on As the event is for this weekend, get those messages in quick, the winner will be picked at random and contacted by Friday 16th at the latest. Best of luck guys! Cheers, Oilman
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  22. Selling set of Four original RB320 rims. Two have a couple of small kerb marks on each rim - the other two are marked plus the lacquer is lifting in few places. Looking for £350 - Buyer collects or arranges own collection via Courier Happy to send photos,etc or PM me if you want some more information Thanks
  23. Either Livingston or Edinburgh (West side), I can make arrangements to meet you at either or, just let me know where suits and i'll give you a time.
  24. Stick me down #246
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