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    • Previous MY00 and Blobeye STi Type UK PPP owner, here to potentially look for an RB320
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  3. We expect the majority of you have heard of Millers Nanodrive Oils by now - They were a real game changer when they were first introduced to the world of motorsports, providing a dedicated range of oils that were designed to increase power by reducing friction, all thanks to their nifty "Nanodrive Additive Package" Well, the tech guys at Millers Oils have done it again. They're improved on what was considered the peak of performance oils by ushering in a new and improved range for their motorsport category, and Opie Oils are pleased to announce that they are on the shelf and ready to go - just in time for the race season! Millers are driven by their obsession to produce highly innovative products which offer outstanding friction reducing properties. This is at the core of everything that they do. Due to an intense development programme, their new and improved range of next generation competition racing oils now incorporates their award winning NANODRIVE ultra low friction technology across the board. CSS (Competition Semi-Synthetic) and CFS (Competition Fully Synthetic) First off, we have the CSS and CFS range. Millers have significantly improved the capabilities of the already established CSS and CFS oils by incorporating a high performance, triple ester formulation, and then adding a measured amount of their unique NANODRIVE additive package. It's the addition of this little beauty that can effortlessly deliver up to 15% lower levels of friction than their predecessors. The entire CFS range is all fully synthetic and has benefitted massively by this addition of the NANODRIVE additive package, offering a further 26% reduction in friction than their predecessors. Simply put, you can expect significantly improved levels of performance on track and road, delivering great value and performance levels in an affordable package - these are designed to increase the performance of an engine in respect of improved HP and increased torque. You can find them all below: CSS (Competition Semi Synthetic) Range - Millers Oils CSS 10w-40 - Millers Oils CSS 20w-60 CFS (Competition Fully Synthetic) Range - Millers Oils CFS 5w-40 - Millers Oils CFS 10w-40 - Millers Oils CFS 10w-50 - Millers Oils CFS 10w-60 - Millers Oils CFS 15w-60 There's also a couple of oils in this range that have been blended for specific applications: - Millers Oils CTV Mini 20w-50: Specially formulated for competition Minis and any application where the engine and gearbox share a common oil - Millers Oils COR 20w-50: Exclusively formulated for short circuit racing and particularly suited to older classic sport applications - Millers Oils KR2T: A bespoke CIK-FIA approved formulation for rotor and all high revving 2-stroke kart and bike engines CFS NT+ (Competition Fully Synthetic) Up next, we have Millers new flagship NANODRIVE NT+ Oils. They have completely redefined their criteria usually associated with a performance lubricant to bring an absolute top of the range product to those in the absolute top tiers and demands of motorsport. This range features their new and improved NANODRIVE NT+ ultra low friction package. If you thought their previous range of Nanodrive oils were great, and they couldn't possibly improve on them, this NT+ package is proven to reduce engine friction by a further 15% over and above this previous multi-award winning products - this sets the NT+ range apart from all others in this arena, providing immediately noticeable increased levels of power and torque as well as increased efficiency in your engine's performance. Have a look below for all the viscosities that are in this range: - Millers Oils CFS 0w-20 NT+ - Millers Oils CFS 0w-30 NT+ - Millers Oils CFS 5w-40 NT+ - Millers Oils CFS 10w-50 NT+ - Millers Oils CFS 10w-60 NT+ NEXT UP - TRANSMISSION OILS AND SUSPENSION FLUID! Millers engine oils weren't the only ones to benefit from this liberal application of the magic NANODRIVE package. Their gear oils and transmission oils have all been subject to this update. Their competition grade transmission oils have been formulated using a unique combo of improved chemistry and NANODRIVE additives to massively reduce friction against a standard oil. For use in manual transmissions, synchromesh, non-synchromesh, sequential gearboxes, transfer gearboxes, transaxles and hypoid differentials, there's a full range to choose from: - CRX 75w-90 NT+ - CRX 75w-110 NT+ - crx 75W-140 NT+ - For vehicles with limited slip, have a look HERE. Millers have also had their first foray into adding their NANODRIVE NT+ technology into a broad range of suspension fluids. Thoroughly tested and offering excellent bump and rebound characteristics, proven to significantly contribute to an extremely smooth suspension operation. Ideal for those days on track! Available in a viscosity for every situation: - Millers Oils Suspension 2.5 NT+ - Millers Oils Suspension 5 NT+ - Millers Oils Suspension 7.5 NT+ - Millers Oils Suspension 10 NT+ - Millers Oils Suspension 15 NT+ All in all, Millers have really put some work into their newest offerings for the world of motorsport, giving you peace of mind that you've got the best possible product in your vehicle, regardless of its level of modification or the type of use it is getting. You can view all of Millers products HERE, including their rebranded brake fluids, fuel treatments, competition running in oil and even their updated range of Motorbike Oils. Those of you with a classic vehicle tucked away may be interested in having a look at their updated Classic Range, which you can find HERE. They've done a great job of creating top quality products that perform fantastically in classic vehicles and harnessed that vintage look with old school metal cans and label design. DON'T FORGET! ALL OF YOU GUYS GET A 10% DISCOUNT ON YOUR ORDER FOR BEING PART OF THE FORUM! You can usually find this discount code in signature. If you've got something a bit special and need a bit of advice, then give us a ring for a bespoke and impartial recommendation that is tailored to your specific set up. We're in the office Monday to Friday 8:30 - 5:30, on 01209 202 944 and You can also drop us a message on here. That's about all for now, we'll be sure to let you know of anything else going on. Until next time, folks. -Oilman
  4. limited stock of fast road / light track use pads from Pagid all priced at a clearance price of £120inc./delivered to std UK postcodes Prodrive/Alcon fitment E1595 rs4.2.1 fast road / light track use material Prodrive/Alcon fitment E1595 rs5 hard fast road / track use material Subaru 4pot fitment E1406 rs15 aggressive track use material the above pricing includes FOC delivery to std UK postcodes - if you are in a non standard postcode - highlands, islands, etc. then there may be a slight differential due to carriage costs but please ask for pricing
  5. I have a brand new set of Prodrive RB320 springs available. Bought these as I was hoping to find matching shocks but no joy so now for sale. Only looking for what I paid so £120 + postage. I'm in Aberdeen if able to collect.
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  7. Any idea when these will be available?
  8. As above near enough full, comes with pouch and certificate 800 new 370 including post and packing Selling due to having car coated with gtechniq Will listen to sensible offers Here's a write up on it
  9. Any fans of Fuchs oils out there? We expect so, as they're hugely popular in the world of race, rally and pretty much all aspects of high performance motorsports, it'd be difficult not to have come across them by now, they're also very well received in passenger cars accross the globe. Premium, ester based fully synthetic motor oils make up a good selection of their products, all designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications - and as luck would have have it, Opie Oils are offering 15% OFF the entire range! This includes all of their engine oils, gear oils, differential oils, brake fluids, coolants and even their industrial, cleaning, gardening and marine products. All you need to do is use the code: FUCHS15 to get this limited time offer. It's called a flash sale for a reason, so get those orders in quick - It'll be gone by midnight on Wednesday 15th February! To get an idea of the savings to be made with this offer, lets take one of the most popular choices in this range as an example, the Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5w-40. This premium product is usually £47.95 for 5 litres, however with this 15% discount, you can get your hands on it for just £40.76! You can view the full range of Titan Race Pro oils HERE. But that's not all, here are some links to some more of their products - just click on it to be taken straight there. - Fuchs Titan GT1 XTL 5w-40: A really popular choice with BMW drivers who need the BMW LL-04 specification. - Fuchs Titan GT1 Pro Flex XTL 5w-30: Chock full of Mercedes, VW and BMW approvals. - Fuchs Titan Sintofluid 75w-80: Covers a huge range of specifications, one of our top selling gearbox oils! - Fuchs Titan Supersyn 5w-40: A great choice for Renaults, This modern, high performance, synthetic motor oil can be used year-round. - Fuchs Titan Supersyn F Eco-DT 5w-30: A highly energy conserving multigrade passenger car engine oil suitable for Ford diesel and gasoline engines. - Fuchs Maintain Fricofin ESK Antifreeze/Coolant: A versatile, concentrated engine Antifreeze, for all year round use in cooling systems of engines. - Fuchs Titan Supersyn LongLife Plus 0w-30: Designed especially for VW and AUDI diesel engines equipped for extended oil drain intervals. - Fuchs Pro Boost: Perfect for upping your Octane levels and keeping your carbs clean, really handy for those days on track. You can view the full range of Fuchs products HERE. You'll find everything from brake fluid to cleaning products for your car or bike! Below is a list of just some of the benefits to be gained from using these products over your every day oils: - Enhanced anti-wear properties - Outstanding temperature protection and cold start characteristics - Suitable for use in turbocharged and normally aspirated diesel or petrol engines - Increased fuel economy - Reduced emissions - Ester content creates surface-active layer, meaning a thin layer of oil on engine internals at all times If you need to find the products that are suitable for your particular vehicle, simply enter your vehicle details HERE and it will list everything that meets your specifications. You'll also be able to find servicing essentials such as spark plugs and glow plugs, wiper blades, brake parts and much more with this same look up guide. There's much more to Opies than just oils! If you need a bit of advice on choosing the perfect oil for your particular vehicle, give us a call on 01209 202 944 Monday to Friday, 8:30-5:30 or drop us an email to and we can provide a free bespoke recommendation for you. One last time, that code is: FUCHS15 and this flash sale will be ending midnight on Wednesday 15th February! Cheers, Oilman
  10. oops!
  11. well the RB has gone to a good home I think. Problem now is what can replace a car like that?
  12. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I did take my time though.......
  13. well the RB has gone to a good home I think. Problem now is what can replace a car like that?
  14. it's close but yes it is a little bit too close to the edge
  15. Correct. In fact I (hastily) put the badge on myself after I bought it. Realised after that it's perhaps an inch off to the left. Original plate is YS07JYE
  16. since the boot badge is in the wrong place I'd assume it was rear end damage What was the original plate?
  17. I have placed the ad on ebay at the following link: Any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email: telephone: 07951996577
  18. 01 - Gordon Whyte, #189 (×1) 02 - Paul Mc Cartney, #021 (x1) 03 - Kieren Bishop, #280(x1) 04 - Mickey Stewart, #123 (x2) 05 - Infinity, #105 (x2) 06 - Konsuki #99 (x2) 07 - Darryl Watt #147 (x2) 08 - Michal Korczak, #311 (x2) 09 - Simon Phillips #274 (x2) 10 - Shezza320 #254 (x2) 11 - Splitbox40 #33 (x2)
  19. could we add to the list please 2 x no.33
  20. Hi guys Just to make you aware, this free shipping on orders over £40 offer will be ending at midnight on Sunday 5th February. So, if you want to take advantage of this, we'd recommend getting your order in ASAP, before the free shipping threshold goes back up to £60. We'll be running all sorts of offers and discounts throughout 2017 though, so if you want to keep up to date with these, then you can find them on our offers page HERE. You'll also have the opportunity to sign up to our emails to be the first to find out about our competitions and new products on the same page. We've got loads planned so we'd hate for you to miss out! All the best -Oilman
  21. Thanks iggy203 The build number is 175. No work is required to the vehicle and is in exemplary condition. All work was already carried out. I don't have any before/after pictures as the work was carried out prior to me owning it. Current pictures of the vehicle are available although kindly let me know how to upload to this forum. Alternatively, anyone seriously interested can email me individually for the pics. I have owned the vehicle since March 2016, so coming up to a year now. The vehicle has a full service history. The vehicle has had 9 previous owners. Engine has not been forged although has had a replacement head gasket and clutch done. Full spec is as a regular RB320 would be save that seats are Alacantra and not leather. Vehicle price is reflective of fact that its a CAT D.
  22. Hi all It's time for another public service announcement from Opie Oils here. We are offering free shipping on orders over £40 for a limited time only! This offer is now active, there is no code required, it will automatically apply the free shipping at the £40 threshold. This will leave you free to use your forum discount for 10% off your order! Unfortunately, we are unable to extend this free shipping offer to trade orders and it can only be used on orders to what the couriers class as Mainland UK. There are some great offers on top quality products at Opies at the moment, it's worth taking advantage of these while the shipping offer is on to get some real bargains. Below are links to some of our most popular products, simply click on them for all further details and specifications. - Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5w-40 - Castrol Edge 5w-30 LL - Castrol Edge Supercar 10w-60 Titanium FST - Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 5w-40 NT - Mobil 1 ESP 5w-30 - Mobil 1 New Life 0w-40 - Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 - Motul RBF 600 racing brake fluid - Motul Gear 300 75w-90 racing gearbox and diff oil With a huge range of products available, including an array of cleaning and detailing products, spark plugs, wiper blades, gearbox and diff oils and our classic car range - there will be something for everyone. Our newest additions to the range include ACF-50 Anti Corrosion products, Hella lighting solutions and Febi Bilstein parts. As always, our expert advice is free, so you can get in touch with us Monday to Friday 8:30 - 5:30 on 01209 202 944, email us at or simply drop us a message on here. Until next time! -Oilman
  23. Any links or anything available? The engine has been rebuilt at Champions of Castleton, unfortunately this family run business has now been closed and I am finding it difficult to find any info on this engine, the invoice for the engine rebuild just says, "using competition parts". Thanks for any info. The airbag recall is being done on Monday or Tuesday and then 044 RB320 is being taken off the road and will be fully rebuilt from the ground up, I will keep the registry updated with the progress. MAS
  24. Sharafit, Welcome to the RB320oc. It may assist your sale if you give a bit more info, especially the RB320 build number. Pictures of the car now & with the work required too, prior to the CAT D registration would be good too! How long have you owned it for, service history, full spec, engine re-build (forged) etc & how many owners has it had? CAT D registered value will always be -1/3+ price non registered!
  25. Hi Guys Thought it worth posting on the forum that I am looking to sell my RB320. Have had it for a year now, and have maintained it as best possible. The vehicle is recorded as a CAT D having had rear damage repair. This is according to the dealer I purchased it from although it seems plausible as you cant tell the vehicle has been repaired. The car looks in mint condition and I have kept it clean throughout. I am not much of a racer or a car enthusiast - I have just been a fan of Evos and Scooby's which led me to search and purchase this vehicle, especially for its looks. It was meant to be used purely as a weekend car, but soon after I purchased it, I got a job more local which required me to use a vehicle everyday instead of public transport in the week. As a result, whilst I still love driving this car, I do not want to incur unnecessarily mileage on the vehicle. I also need to save on fuel bills! Given that I drive this mainly in traffic I don't even get to drive it properly. If anything, I've probably only given it a good run about 4-5 times altogether. I am not desperate for a sale but would ideally like to go back to something a little more practical. Therefore if anyone is interested do let me know. I've put it up on ebay before and have had some response, but no viewings yet. I think once you see the vehicle you will realise how well maintained it has been kept. Ideally I want £10,250 for it, but am prepared to let it go for £9999 for a quick sale. Therefore if you're serious, know about RB's then you will know that this is an extremely good buy (I believe). I wouldn't be able to replace this with a better looking car. However, after the last year of driving I need to go back to a diesel for a little while I think! Thanks for reading and contact me if interested. Not considering stupid offers. Some basic additional details of the vehicle (its an RB320, so wont describe what you already expect): - Alacantra upholstery - it has a new radiator, waterpump, cambelt, thermostat - Oil service done at 76k - mods: not aware of any. I don't race so don't know how fast it really is. Of course it does feel as if it has 320bhp - just cant tell if it has more. Mobile: 07951996577 Email:
  26. Hi there Are their schematic's and detailed specifications available for the RB320 engine? Did they all leave the factory with the same base specs? I am currently looking after one that has been rebuilt with modifications and could do with a "base" to start from. Thank you in advance MAS
  27. I bought an S6 nearly a year ago, so can understand that totally
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