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  1. any photos?
  2. 01 - Gordon Whyte, #189 (×1) 02 - Paul Mc Cartney, #021 (x1) 03 - Kieren Bishop, #280(x1) 04 - Mickey Stewart, #123 (x2) 05 - Infinity, #105 (x2) 06 - Konsuki #99 (x2) 07 - Darryl Watt #147 (x2) 08 - Michal Korczak, #311 (x2) 09 - Simon Phillips #274 (x2) 10 - Shezza320 #254 (x2)
  3. my RB320 came with Tracker fitted as well??? not sure why but its an obsolete version now, so got 2 tracking systems on the car but neither registered. after numerous failed calls finally given up with it.
  4. any chance of sharing the contact details, still haven't got mine sorted since I got my 3 months ago!
  5. Cheers Rich, thanks for the advice..... I think my problem is the daily commute, M7 golf GTD with a superchip fitted to 220hp. Dam car does 55mpg and has stupid torque from about 1200 revs, but im starting to get use to the power band of the RB and enjoying the cars handling. The brand new AP racing 6 pots mean I can push on plenty and haul the beast to stop pretty quick. Cant get Shell optimax anywhere so relying on BP & Texaco 97 and I reckon it does effect the performance. Reading the blogs I sense leave as is or look to invest the thick end of £10k, so will leave well alone. S
  6. Thanks Jezza, Car has 4 new continentals on it and I checked the inside wear after reading here. Roads in West Cumbria are brutal however I've had 7 scoobies all from new except the RB and the P1 was spot on suspension wise so im pretty sure there's something not quite right. Yep original exhaust and middle box showing some rust but ok, probably look to replace and maybe de-cat the thing. I thought about the same upgrade that put 50-60 hp on the hawkeye but wondered if it wouldn't work on the RB already remapped? I had it done at Fleetwood and a guy called Andy was the expert doing the re-mapping. What about fuel, I can only get BP or Texaco 97 octane around here, is it worth topping up with additive. Don't mind the mpg, you don't worry about economy with a car for the weekend
  7. Well RBOC, I had my RB for about a month now and starting to get a feel for how it compares to my P1 and last hawkeye which was mapped to 340hp / 350lbs and pulled great from about 2750 revs and changed up at 5500. Realise why i'm getting about 18mpg due cos i'm spooling her up to 6500 every time to put a smile on my face. It feels a lot more fidgety on the road than the standard hawkeye at around a ton, is this just me not used to the bilsteins or could they be done? Its a weekend only car (38k miles) and I love it, its already got brand new AP Racing 6 pots on the front and they do the job, I've read all the great upgrade suggestions on the forums here but I don't want to spend stupid money or risk killing myself trying to handle something beyond my capability. These are the things id like to change if practical. More low end torque less fidgety ride deeper burble sound without the neighbours complaining though Love the site btw............
  8. Eager to buy the right car, send through the pics pls, got 3 to look at next week, checked out 2 last week at dealerships for £16,990, declined both for various reasons. Cheers