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  1. PCD

    Ok, thanks for the replies!
  2. PCD

    Anyone know what the PCD of RB320 wheels are?
  3. Thanks Tangs
  4. I think one of my headlight levelling sensors must be faulty as the headlight beams have dropped to very close to the front of the car! Does anyone know how many of these sensors there are? Is it just one front and one rear? Also anyone know roughly how much it is to replace one and where is the cheapest place to buy one from?
  5. Well i stopped at a garage 10 mins before i got home from work, had a poke around under the bonnet, It seemed to be just a bad wire connection on the MAF sensor, I wiggled them a bit and it seems totally fine now, flies like a rocket as before, will see if it really has worked in the morning on my way to work again!
  6. Ok cheers I'll try that. Any idea where the MAF is under the bonnet?
  7. It's only been 12 days since I last drove it, on Xmas eve, it was fine then. No work done recently, no engine check light, just need to check all the hoses tonight when I get home. Last time I filled it up with petrol was about 22nd of December, just about dry now is the tank. Will see if a full tank of new fuel makes a difference. I doubt it tho!
  8. Driving the car to work this morning, I noticed its a bit juddery under acceleration, like its holding back a bit in the higher gears. Not shooting forward like it used to before Christmas when I last drove it, put my foot flat to the floor at 70mph on motorway this morning and just absolutely no acceleration at all! Any ideas what it might be anyone? Thanks Russ
  9. Any idea when the number plaques will be arriving?
  10. Yep! Those 2 pipes. I had to move the pipes up as much as they'd go, also l had to cut half the trumpet away, still works fine though.
  11. Has anyone one here tried fitting one of these? Even though the place i bought it from said it would definitely fit straight on, i found it did not as the trumpet was in the way of some metal pipes on the housing it bolts onto. I found a way round of fitting it in the end and it works and sounds fine now!