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  1. Low mileage RB320 wanted

    Welcome to the Oc 😎 I'll share this on the FB page more owners will see it there 😉
  2. Which music

    Nur Spec with a little anti lag thrown in! 😂😂😂😅
  3. RB320 NO 162

    Glwls, like Ross says there aren't many 1 owner RBs about these days 😎 High mileage but but sounds like a straight car! 👍
  4. What spec did you go for in the end? 😎😎
  5. RB320, no 305 for sale

    Hi Alan, welcome to the club!!
  6. RB320 ECU wanted!

    Iv got an ECU but it's got the EcuTek on it, so yes it's bn fiddled with 😂
  7. RB320 067 for sale

    Good news for you Mark 😎😎 Did it sell from been advertised on the OC?? Make sure you keep in touch & show us all your new toy, I like the new RS! 😎😎
  8. RB320 067 for sale

    That sounds a great idea! Keep it!!! 😉
  9. RB320 067 for sale

    GLWTS Mark! 😎 Priced to sell, I bet you'll miss it! 😥
  10. Mines on 2 bar of boost! 😂😂 Deffo sounds like a leak!
  11. 164 for sale

    Good luck with the sale Brian! Link below! 😉 http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/subaru/impreza-sti/subaru-impreza-rb320/5450353
  12. RB320, no 305 for sale

    Wow that was a good buy!!!
  13. Defi pod request??

    Steves got a pillar pod! 😎😎
  14. RB320 #257 for Sale shortly

    Good stuff!! That didn't take too long to sell!!
  15. Samco hoses

    Samco hoses as new, Induction hose has been fitted but like new (minus the bungs) & hose that connects to the recirc is new! £180 posted 😉
  16. Samco hoses

    Sorry I haven't
  17. RB320 #257 for Sale shortly

    Lol It must be a typo then! 😉😂 Are your details upto date on the register Dan?
  18. RB320 #257 for Sale shortly

    Have you got 2 RB320s or is the number wrong in the advert? Your member number is 237 & 257 is for sale! Good luck with the sale!! Have you any pics wouldn't mind see the numbered seats! 😎
  19. RB320 engine

    Have you got the numbered RB320 service book??
  20. RB320 engine

    I reckon your RB has broken all records for the 2.5!! 😂😂
  21. The said clone has already had a tax disc & a plaque previously, so I think we've all been had over!! I can understand Deanes concerns!!!
  22. I can vouch for Deane 😉 I went with him to buy the RB 😎
  23. RB320 no 33 For Sale

    That's good Neil, hope it's gone to a good home! 😉
  24. RB320 no 33 For Sale

    Have you bought it yet?? 😜