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  1. Glwls, like Ross says there aren't many 1 owner RBs about these days 😎 High mileage but but sounds like a straight car! 👍
  2. What spec did you go for in the end? 😎😎
  3. Hi Alan, welcome to the club!!
  4. Iv got an ECU but it's got the EcuTek on it, so yes it's bn fiddled with 😂
  5. Good news for you Mark 😎😎 Did it sell from been advertised on the OC?? Make sure you keep in touch & show us all your new toy, I like the new RS! 😎😎
  6. That sounds a great idea! Keep it!!! 😉
  7. GLWTS Mark! 😎 Priced to sell, I bet you'll miss it! 😥
  8. Mines on 2 bar of boost! 😂😂 Deffo sounds like a leak!
  9. Good luck with the sale Brian! Link below! 😉
  10. Wow that was a good buy!!!
  11. Steves got a pillar pod! 😎😎
  12. Good stuff!! That didn't take too long to sell!!
  13. Sorry I haven't
  14. Samco hoses as new, Induction hose has been fitted but like new (minus the bungs) & hose that connects to the recirc is new! £180 posted 😉
  15. Lol It must be a typo then! 😉😂 Are your details upto date on the register Dan?