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  1. oil

    Thanks Tim, we have an account with you so we will order when we are ready to do it. best regards sheena
  2. oil

    Thanks oilman, from your recomendations I guess the RB320 has non-limited slip diffs in both axles ? Also can I use the same oil in the gearbox and both diffs ? best regards sheena
  3. Hi everyone, I need some advice from you knowledgeable people. Which oil do you recommend for the gearbox, front differential, rear differential. The book says 75W90 GL5. I guess fully synth. Also if you are there Iggy, did you change the oil for the gearbox and diffs. when the engine was re-built ? Have not done many miles since the re-build so may not need to change the oils if you did it. Still loving the car Iggy !!!
  4. RB320 Replacement Tax Disk

    Sorry guys, just realised my error. Please find new list, have also changed my reg.? number to B1TCH. 1: Maxxed_Ross, 316, R5 RBX 2: Dan, 237, RB07 PPP 3: Norm271, 271, P3 NCS 4: Scoobay, 181, X4 HOS 5: Jarmin, 074, X13 WRC 6: Martyn, 107, GL07 RBL 7: Dave, 057, F6 DAT 8: Christian, 007, DU07 EPN 9: Chrisc, 285, TN07 CPF 10: Angus3723, 60, AK56 OLY 11: Jake Gray, 182, NL07 TKA 12: Barnaclebill, 177, F4AVG 13: Peter, 111, RB320LTD 14: Douglas Burgess, #219, RB07 DSB 15: Scott, 010, H115 COT 16: Stu, 036, L80WRC 17: mrkyp, 299, pk07 eev 18: Graham #095, ph07fab 19: Dougie, #219, RB07DSB 20: Scott Noble, 269, B16 SWN 21: Alan Phillips, 059, S300 OBY 22: Jason Lolotte, 154, KH07 VTG 23: Jason Mack, 40, S300 RUU 24: Laurent, 156, CZ-962-YM 25: Jules, #189, KY07UKE 26. Sheena 203, B1TCH
  5. RB320 Replacement Tax Disk

    Yes please, I would like one also.
  6. philip philips, kind of has a ring to it, same initials too
  7. Hi, I would like 2 please. Sheena, number 203 x 2 Have already paid for one (or part of one with the price now higher) many thanks phil palmer (sheena,s other half)