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  1. Still available 🤔
  2. 152# is still available, engine was rebuilt last year at over £8k now has done 41k miles near Edinburgh
  3. 152# is still available, engine was rebuilt last year at over 8k now has done 41k miles near Edinburgh
  4. Now nearly 41k miles 🙄 Been fun few weeks but car is still available
  5. Re-listed on Bay 162652414918
  6. Now 40k miles
  7. Ebay item 162612964243
  8. I also have a spare set of original car mats nearly new !! They will go with the car
  9. Hi only just seen this, would need to dig paperwork out but off top of my head, uprated pistons, rods, bearings, studs, new oil pump etc. Number is on advert on eBay please fell free to call. Has bilstein coilover kit and just had geometry check and new drop links, full milltek including milltek cat, was run in on dyno, remap was done still running std boost, new turbo around 7k ago cheers
  10. After consideration I've decided to see if there's any interest for the above. Engine rebuilt by Steve Whitson SW motorsport, Mable pistons, new crank, group N rods. Full spec can be provided to anyone interested. I decided to keep costs down and used recommended parts as I wasn't looking for high hp, cars running std boost and was mapped by Russell now at RA in Perth. Alan 07977830480
  12. Have u airbox hose ?? RB orange
  13. What is someone willing to pay for an excellent condition set of original car mats ??
  14. Michelin pilot sport 3, had these on the car over the summer and what an improvement over the pirellis in all conditions. Really sticks to the road, not too sure how they will last but I don't do a lot of miles anyway :)
  15. Struts now sold