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  1. Sorted now - I got one off Ebay and had it fitted today. Cheers, Ian.
  2. Hi, I am looking for a standard exhaust centre section for my RB320. Is the centre section the same as a standard 2006/2007 STI centre section? Also, any idea if an earlier (2001-2005) centre section will fit? Thanks, Ian.
  3. Hi, Can anyone help with this? Happy to pay for exhaust and postage - or might be able to collect. Many Thanks, Ian.
  4. OK no problem - many thanks for looking :) Prefer to keep the car standard if possible. Cheers, Ian.
  5. Wanted: Good Condition Standard Exhaust Centre Section for a RB320. Thanks, Ian.
  6. Brand new RB320 springs

    These aren't available - I bought them.
  7. #140 saying goodbye :(

    Good luck with the sale Colin. There is still plenty of demand for them with the standard blue interior. Mine has leather but I would have been quite happy buying the a car with cloth instead. Mine was also on an OU07 plate - so maybe same supplying dealer.
  8. BX07 CZF

    Many thanks for the replies :)
  9. BX07 CZF

    'Slorach RB5', how do you find the new STI in comparision to the RB320? Quite tempted to buy one!
  10. RB320's currently for sale!!

    The one at £11990 is a "WRX STI with RB320 styling"
  11. RB320's currently for sale!!

    Thanks for taking the time to update the list :) Good to see prices are still high :) Why do you put 'No Mudflaps'?, they didn't come with mudflaps.
  12. Low priced RB

    Looks good. Although if it sounds too good to be true it usually is! Maybe very high miles or on the register. Are the interiors worth £2k? Might sell mine! ;)
  13. Put me down for 1. Ian079 #79 x 1 Cheers, Ian.