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  1. OK no problem - many thanks for looking :) Prefer to keep the car standard if possible. Cheers, Ian.
  2. Wanted: Good Condition Standard Exhaust Centre Section for a RB320. Thanks, Ian.
  3. These aren't available - I bought them.
  4. All sorted now. I managed to source a good second hand plug from a breaker :)
  5. Hi, many thanks for the reply. I will try my dealer although from what I can see on the net they aren't available separately. I have tried a couple of breakers without any luck. Cheers, Ian.
  6. My car was Serviced recently so I got the garage to try and fit the front sensor. They have reported back that multi plug that plugs into the sensor is corroded as well and won't plug into the new sensor. Are these plugs available separately? - or do I need to try and get one from a breakers? Thanks, Ian.
  7. I bought a Spare Wheel and it came with this tyre that I don't need. 4mm Tread Depth, even wear across the tyre. Anyone interested before I put it on Ebay? £25 collected from Shipley West Yorks or possible collection Sheffield. Cheers, Ian.
  8. Anyone know the difference between 84021-FE000 and 84021-SA000? From what I can tell 84021-FE000 is listed for STI and 84021-SA000 is for WRX but are they the same part? I have ordered 84021-FE000 but I have waited over 2 weeks for delivery and still not despatched. The part I originally ordered from Poland 84021-SA000 looks to be back in stock.
  9. Hi Neil, Many thanks for the advice :) Cheers, Ian.
  10. Many thanks for the reply. I ordered 84021-SA000 from Poland earlier - hope its the same thing! I still haven't removed the plug from the socket yet - not sure how it comes apart - don't want to force it.
  11. Another question. Does anyone know the Subaru part number of the front sensor? Thanks, Ian.
  12. Hi, I've got a similar issue with my car - headlight level sensor warning light was coming on intermittently but now more permanent. I have tried spraying sensor linkages etc. How do you remove the Sensor plug from the Sensor? Is there a tab or a clip I need to release? The plug seems very firmly fixed to the socket. Thanks in advance for any advice :) Ian.
  13. Good luck with the sale Colin. There is still plenty of demand for them with the standard blue interior. Mine has leather but I would have been quite happy buying the a car with cloth instead. Mine was also on an OU07 plate - so maybe same supplying dealer.