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  1. Your better off ringing Ian at Godspeed
  2. Good luck with the sale Ross
  3. See alyn at as performance he'll sort you out, you may as well get the block all decked ready for big power
  4. As above near enough full, comes with pouch and certificate 800 new 370 including post and packing Selling due to having car coated with gtechniq Will listen to sensible offers Here's a write up on it
  5. It's only worth what people will pay for it, myself personally wouldn't pay that for a standard car, you'd have to keep money aside to sort out the chocolate head gasket and Pistons...
  6. good luck with the sale, its a cheap RB
  7. PCD

    As above and a 56.1 centre bore
  8. Didn't have that long did he
  9. Looks like a wannabe 320 in the making...
  10. The 2.5 is renowned for blowing its headgasket, plenty of threads on here about it, hope you get some good news though.
  11. It's too dear mate, mine was a similar spec to yours and mine sold the same day I advertised it at 20k. I'd suggest taking the toucan and syvecs out, put standard ecu back in and map to suit drop price on car to around 20k and sell the syvecs and toucan on separately. Do I get your car for free now. Lol Glwts
  12. Cheers Rob, it sold through the advert on pistonheads, will certainly keep up my membership on here and when I get the old girl I'll throw a few pics up, I told Richard ( the buyer) to register on here, the cars gone to Watford now if you want to update the registry
  13. Yep I'll certainly miss it, fella picks it up tomorrow just took it for its last drive to fuel it for his drive home, I'll point him in this direction as well for the wealth of information and friendly banter.
  14. Car has now sold..