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  1. Sorted m8 :)
  2. yup that was me the wife was really impressed :) not i love mine mines a bit shiny now :) but great feel to them
  3. Someone is copying me hahaha love mine m8 they feel great don't they and cheers for the email m8 :)
  4. Droooooooooolll lols
  5. How did u do the splash screen logo ?
  6. Nice I'm thinking about one of these but the CD versions ;)
  7. Same here Ross there lovely :)
  8. Very nice can I have a link to where you purchased the discs etc.. Please
  9. Ahem !!!!
  10. I also have Focal speakers, pioneer head unit, Focal amp and a small Focal amped underseat sub with fully Dynamated doors front and back and boot.
  11. Ross the standard subaru ones have cardboard cones and are just bin fodder, maybe yours were changed if they sound good was one of the first things i did with number 74 and added a small underseat sub as i am an older chav now :)
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-KENWOOD-STEREO-CD-TAPE-RADIO-TUNER-SUBARU-IMPREZA-WRX-STI-BUGEYE-/121626257593?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1c517d68b9 biggest load of poop ever imo and of course a cassette :(
  13. 7 omm if you get an RB there are a few of us that meet up for a chat evry couple of months if you are up for that let me know
  14. i'm open to sensible offers !
  15. I think they are 2's if anyone is genuinely interested i can check Would anyone be interested in buying my old rims and the 4 pretty good Goodyears on em 5mm ish front and about 6mm on rears. the wheels are not perfect and need a refurb i would keep them if i had the space and use them during the winter they are by no means un marked or perfect condition but maybe someone could take them of my hands offers iro £450 plus courier of course but i can get that done for 30 quid if required