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    Impreza's this is my 5th

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  1. Garage wall banner

    Sorted m8 :)
  2. Pioneer CarPlay

    How did u do the splash screen logo ?
  3. Pioneer CarPlay

    Nice I'm thinking about one of these but the CD versions ;)
  4. #028 for sale....priced to sell

    7 omm if you get an RB there are a few of us that meet up for a chat evry couple of months if you are up for that let me know
  5. Orig GT1's and goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 2 's

    i'm open to sensible offers !
  6. I think they are 2's if anyone is genuinely interested i can check Would anyone be interested in buying my old rims and the 4 pretty good Goodyears on em 5mm ish front and about 6mm on rears. the wheels are not perfect and need a refurb i would keep them if i had the space and use them during the winter they are by no means un marked or perfect condition but maybe someone could take them of my hands offers iro £450 plus courier of course but i can get that done for 30 quid if required
  7. New RB320 Owners Club Umbrella

    think this is dead in the water m8 :(
  8. RB320's currently for sale!!

    Wonder how the car has those different seats ? Anyone any idea
  9. BX07 CZF

    I have driven a new STI and there poles apart the new STI was designed with a different mind set than the RB320 just my 2 penneth
  10. RB320 Replacement Tax Disk

    Done m8 :)
  11. RB320 Replacement Tax Disk

    Hold on thought we could only order one ?
  12. New RB320 Owners Club Umbrella

    Id still love one :(
  13. RB320 Replacement Tax Disk

    I have paid ;)
  14. 501 wedge LEDs

    Damn just bought these http://www.halfords.com/motoring/bulbs-wiper-blades-batteries/led-car-bulbs/prism-led-501-high-power-white-bulbs
  15. RB320 Replacement Tax Disk

    1: Maxxed_Ross, 316, R5 RBX 2: Dan, 237, RB07 PPP 3. Norm271 , 271, P3 NCS 4: Scoobay, 181, X4 HOS 5: Jarmin, 074, X13 WRC