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  1. Grill removal

    I did the horn replacement on mine. I've got a PDF document on how to do it, but since I got it off another forum I won't publish it hear. If you PM me with a mail address, I'll send to you.
  2. Brand new RB320 springs

    Andyf, are these still available? I'm interested.
  3. It is performing reliably so far, the only real downside has been the incompatibility between the RB320 ride, bumpy roads and a touch screen. There is the minor irritation that the fixed buttons are set up for the left hand drive market, so you have to reach further than your would normally. The Home button can be switched to the right in the settings. The voice aspects seem to work well, with Siri being able to understand destinations well, but I have a relatively neutral accent. If it does not understand you can still type postcodes and find addresses manually. The SatNav aspect became more reliable with iOS 9, prior to that I would sometimes get a grid where part of the map should have been, but that disappeared after iOS 9. The main aspects I miss are a GPS speed display, and speed camera warning (not that any RB320 drive would ever exceed the speed limit ). Overall it does what I want, but if I was driving to a lot of new destinations, I would probably want a more tradition SatNav unit with Speed and Cameras. I am also surprised that that there have not been any firmware updates in the last year, as I would have expected further development, or more add-ons. If you could get a Garmin car play app, it would be perfect.
  4. MY RB320 for sale :-(

    I would replace the pictures that have the front seat covers on, showing the actual seats. If I was looking to buy, my first thought would be, what are trying to hide?
  5. RB320's currently for sale!!

    Just seen this on eBay, which seems slightly strange. Says it is 274, which is not in the registry, but it is showing owners club stickers. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2007-SUBARU-IMPREZA-RB320-STI-WRX-SWAP-PX-MODIFIED-SHOW-WHY-SWAP-Number-274-/191618382006?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276&autorefresh=true No splitter Wrong wheels Undersized 225 Tyres Wrong floor mats Also STI badge on grill, is it a rebadged STI, with RB seats?
  6. Just put anything you want on a USB stick in *.jpg format, and upload it from the settings menu for the splash screen. The background screens can also be customised as well.
  7. Number 29 wasn't specified with optional the Clarion SatNav, so replacing the standard Subaru head unit was always on my list of things to do. However, whenever I have considered it, there was always a new model just about to come out, so it never got done. This time it was different, as almost the first question I was asked, instead of the usual "How much do you want to spend" or "How much power do you want", it was 'What phone do you have'? When I said iPhone, he said you want the new Pioneer SPD-DA120, which is a CarPlay unit. It turns out that CarPlay is Apples next attempt to dominate the world, and it is being builtin as standard by many car brands. Anyway, enough of the advert, on with the pictures. First the standard old unit (there are probably not many under 20 years old who have ever seen a cassette!) In with the Pioneer SPH-DA120, for that clean look familiar to Clarion owners (note the unplanned RB logo from the seat): First order of business, get the switch on splash screen sorted out The Apple CarPlay screen, uses the processing power and selected iPhone apps, and Siri for voice control. At the moment Apple is carefully controlling those apps released for CarPlay to those that are non-distracting and under Siri control. It has its own radio, and can play from USB is you don't want to connect the iPhone for a short trip. It can also take a reversing camera if you want one. There are plenty Impreza specific ones available which replace one of the number plate lights for a near invisible fit. eg. http://www.amazon.co.uk/CAM-SU1-Forester-Impreza-Reversing-Reverse/dp/B009R12C0E/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1432841984&sr=8-11&keywords=impreza+reversing+camera Since it uses Apple Maps, the SatNav does not include speed camera warning, but I am sure that will be sorted soon. Not that any RB320 driver would ever exceed the speed limit The lead on the left is the connection for the iPhone, normally it just sits in the glovebox, but I am using it to take the picture. Installed in less than an hour (including rearview mirror mounted mic), all for £380.
  8. Mudflaps

    Did these get added to the shop and have already sold out? I tried to buy some carbon ones from Scott Lowe with the RB320 logos already on, but he appears to be relocating and could not sell me any.