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  1. I did the horn replacement on mine. I've got a PDF document on how to do it, but since I got it off another forum I won't publish it hear. If you PM me with a mail address, I'll send to you.
  2. Andyf, are these still available? I'm interested.
  3. It is performing reliably so far, the only real downside has been the incompatibility between the RB320 ride, bumpy roads and a touch screen. There is the minor irritation that the fixed buttons are set up for the left hand drive market, so you have to reach further than your would normally. The Home button can be switched to the right in the settings. The voice aspects seem to work well, with Siri being able to understand destinations well, but I have a relatively neutral accent. If it does not understand you can still type postcodes and find addresses manually. The SatNav aspect became more reliable with iOS 9, prior to that I would sometimes get a grid where part of the map should have been, but that disappeared after iOS 9. The main aspects I miss are a GPS speed display, and speed camera warning (not that any RB320 drive would ever exceed the speed limit ). Overall it does what I want, but if I was driving to a lot of new destinations, I would probably want a more tradition SatNav unit with Speed and Cameras. I am also surprised that that there have not been any firmware updates in the last year, as I would have expected further development, or more add-ons. If you could get a Garmin car play app, it would be perfect.
  4. I would replace the pictures that have the front seat covers on, showing the actual seats. If I was looking to buy, my first thought would be, what are trying to hide?
  5. I checked my new 18x8.5 wheels against the originals and they are the same size. Outside width is 240mm, which is about 9 7/16", the inside width to the flat part of the lip is 213mm, which is about 8 3/8". Checking the Yokohama site, shows that the 235 and 245 will both fit on 8.0" to 9.5" rims, but the 245 is 0.3 or 8mm larger in diameter. This means that for given revs you will be travelling slightly fast than with the 235. But since my speed over estimate by 3-4mph it would actually make the speedo more accurate.
  6. Just seen this on eBay, which seems slightly strange. Says it is 274, which is not in the registry, but it is showing owners club stickers. No splitter Wrong wheels Undersized 225 Tyres Wrong floor mats Also STI badge on grill, is it a rebadged STI, with RB seats?
  7. The distributor is Sumo Power, not Sumo Sport, my mistake.
  8. I have been looking at the options for increasing performance, now that I have decided to keep mine long term. I would have thought you could get decent hardening and performance improvements for around £5K. Before I start, I have not used Scoobyclinc, and do not have any link with them. But they are one of the few websitse to offer pricing of upgrades, and a decent breakdown of the steps involved. Quoting ex-VAT is anoying though, as engine upgrades are hardly a business expense. Assuming that the prices are accurate, and not just bait to pure you in. Pistons, studs, gaskets £2K + vat, then add Exhaust, fuel pump, remap etc £1.5K + vat. According to the site, you are good for up to 400bhp. If you want more, then the next £5K gives a forged bottom end, new turbo etc.
  9. Unfortunately I can't help with octane boosters, as I have thankfully always had a ready supply of V-Power. I am sure you would have seen the old 5th Gear test which shows Impreza STI's really like Optimax/V-Power I am sure that the resident experts will be on soon with some tuning advice.
  10. I found that mine had some slightly odd handling when I first got it. It turned out that it was still on its original tyres (at 16k miles), with very worn inside fronts. New tyres and a geo set up sorted everything out and it felt planted. There are some on here, who if you live in an area with poor roads and lots of trafiic claming, will recommend a geo set up every year. You may also have worn/knocking rear struts or top mounts, which won't help. Having said that, the Bilstein/Prodrive/Eibach combination was the most extreme fitted to the newage Impreza's, so they do jiggle a bit on poor roads. If you are still on the original Prodrive exhaust, there are plently of options available to improve the sound. If yours is going to be a weekend play thing, then you can probably get away with a slightly louder option. I have a Milltek on mine, which improves on the original with being too loud. As for engine mods, there are many who say the 316bhp we have was the most that Subaru could get away with on the standard pistons. But others are running 340/350bhp without issue. As with all cars a decent air filter and exhaust are the starting points. If you had your previous Hawkeye mapped yourself, then maybe that company would be a good place to start. The fuel usage goes with a RB320, and I usually fill up every 200-250 miles (I've done 36K in mine so far, so get yourself a Shell V-Power Club card). I think I once saw 30mpg on a long trip in heavy but flowing traffic.
  11. I did a forum search for DAMD before I posted, and only found one reference to one being sold, and yours I think about being stung for import duites. It is one of those things that is so right, that it should have been fitted as standard. It is my first flat bottomed wheel, which takes a little getting used to a low speeds, but under normal driving it is perfect.
  12. When I had the RB serviced in Feb, I was offered a test drive in a 2015 STI demonstrator………….well it would have been rude not to. Apart from feeling tank like compared to the RB, I found I really liked the flat-bottomed sculptured steering wheel. A quick investigation found that GT Spec, Prova and DAMD , all make airbag compatible flat bottomed replacement wheels for our STI 9, GDF interior. I went with the DAMD in black leather with red stitching. Fitting was easy (there are plenty of fitting guides), but the critical thing is to disconnect the battery and completely discharge all electrical power, as you really don’t want to trigger the airbag The new wheel is 15mm smaller in diameter, a fair bit thicker and much more sculptured than the standard STI wheel. The silver sections un-bolt so wheel mounted controls can be installed. On with the pictures…. Mmmmmmmmm Chunky And before the The Boss asks, I don’t think they come with orange stitching. Old vs New – Apart from being a little shiny the old wheel has stood up well to 50,000 miles. The quality of the casting on the DAMD is much higher than the Subaru original. I bought mine from Sumo Sport (the European distributor) in their 10% off Bank Holiday sale. An expensive upgrade for something that was perfectly functional, but since when has that ever had anything to do with RB320 ownership.
  13. I had a similar problem with Direct Line, and what made it even more ridiculous was that the previous owner had been insured with them! I managed to get a faxed certificate from Metasystem UK Limited Back in 2009, giving all the vehicle and Metasat details. In the end the supplying dealer who were a official Subaru dealer, gave me a simple statement (below) to the fact that they came fitted from new with a Metasat on their Subaru dealer lettered headed stationary. Direct Line had no choice to accept it or lose my business. "This vehicle is fitted with a category 1 alarm and a Metasat GPA800 Security System as standard".
  14. I've just found a dealer on eBay selling GiroDisc, Ross Sport. The rear discs, including GiroDisc Magic pads for £499, which is the lowest non-US price I've seen. The front discs, including a choice of a number of decent pads, for £699. Both front and rear are on Make and Offer, so contact the seller for a front and rear set price.
  15. Just put anything you want on a USB stick in *.jpg format, and upload it from the settings menu for the splash screen. The background screens can also be customised as well.