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  1. I ended up spending about £8k... but my project grew slightly once it was in bits and I got a bit carried away with "toys" for it To get it done properly with forged pistons, Cosworth Head bolts, air pump removal, Tumbler valve removal and a bigger oil pump you should be looking at around £5k for a future-proof engine Remember and factor in a re-map too if you remove the TGR and air pump... as it throws up a malfunction light
  2. these are now available in the club shop
  3. it's close but yes it is a little bit too close to the edge
  4. since the boot badge is in the wrong place I'd assume it was rear end damage What was the original plate?
  5. 01 - Gordon Whyte, #189 (×1) 02 - Paul Mc Cartney, #021 (x1) 03 - Kieren Bishop, #280(x1) 04 - Mickey Stewart, #123 (x2) 05 - Infinity, #105 (x2) 06 - Konsuki #99 (x2) 07 - Darryl Watt #147 (x2) 08 - Michal Korczak, #311 (x2) 09 - Simon Phillips #274 (x2) 10 - Shezza320 #254 (x2) 11 - Splitbox40 #33 (x2)
  6. I bought an S6 nearly a year ago, so can understand that totally
  7. few nice ones for sale just now if you fancy coming back
  8. wow hi Phil - email notification still works then?
  9. he's not been online since September - so I doubt it
  10. that's up to The Boss really as he'll be making them It's looking like we won't get many more now so it might just be the 10 people this time Remember all this will probably be the last round of these for the considerable future, so if anyone wants more now is the time!
  11. Trade: £14,995 - 77k miles, Number 178. Leather seats, front half mud flaps, original mats, front splitter missing, belts done Trade: £14,990 - 69k miles, Number 37. Leather / Alcantara seats, double din head unit, mud flaps, ebay fog light & grille stickers, replacement front splitter, Blitz exhaust, recent Subaru engine rebuild with cam belt Private: £16,000 - 49k miles, Number 199. Leather / Alcantara seats, fog lights, rear tints, mud flaps, possible replacement front splitter, side skirt extensions, wind deflectors, HKS dump valve, Blitz Nur Spec + original exhaust, Pioneer Apple Car Play + original head unit, gauges mentioned but not pictured, belts done Trade: £13,000 - 112k miles, Number 243. Poverty Spec blue seats, replacement splitter, mud flaps, double din head unit, rear tints, RB wheel badge, mats, cambelt replaced twice, still claims fog lights but not in the pictures and no button on the dash, build number sticker on ashtray. Wheels possibly the wrong colour, been for sale at the same price for nearly a year Private: £17,300 - 48k miles, Number 112. Leather / Alcantara seats, fog lights, rear tints, mud flaps, replacement front splitter, wrong rear diffuser, was once High Towers car in the distant past. New owner had it 5 minutes then put it up for sale again on Facebook. Claimed to have traded it in for an Audi last week... possible time waster Private: £15,500 - 57k miles, Number 247. Leather / Alcantara seats, fog lights, mud flaps, double din head unit, build number sticker & wheel centre, painted front splitter with OC badge, Zunsport lower mesh, filthy engine bay, STi winter wheels, BC coil overs + original, stainless centre section, OC number plates, nice example & Club Members car Trade: £14,995 - 82k miles, No Number (tax disk shown in pictures, build number sticker on ashtray). Leather / Alcantara, mats, RB wheel badge, double DIN head unit with ipod cable, original splitter, mud flaps, rear tints, dreadful advert description, for sale since at least August 2016 at the same price Trade: £11,950 - 113k miles, no Number (no tax disk in pictures). Poverty Spec blue seats, original mats, rear tints, no front splitter, belts done Trade: £15,000 - 74,500 miles, no Number (no tax disk in pictures). Leather seats but no pictures of the interior, mud flaps, wing stiffies, fog lights, original splitter, forged engine but no details, belts done Trade: £19,495 - 47,800 miles, Number 59. Leather seats, double din head unit, build plaque, mud flaps, painted front splitter, fog lights, S300 OBY number plate, £5k engine rebuild with full spec, mapped to a sensible 360bhp, Excedy clutch, waxoiled, ridiculously clean under the car and engine bay Trade: £12,495 - REPLICA AVOID
  12. if it's going to another collector or occasional "light" user then it probably would go for £20k or over. I'm firmly in the forged camp now so probably wouldn't pay that for a standard one either
  13. 01 - Gordon Whyte, #189 (×1) 02 - Paul Mc Cartney, #021 (x1) 03 - Kieren Bishop, #280(x1) 04 - Mickey Stewart, #123 (x2) 05 - Infinity, #105 (x2) 06 - Konsuki #99 (x2) 07 - Darryl Watt #147 (x2) 08 -
  14. 01 - Gordon Whyte, #189 (×1) 02 - Paul Mc Cartney, #021 (x1) 03 - Kieren Bishop, #280(x1) 04 - Mickey Stewart, #123 (x2) 05 - Infinity, #105 (x2) 06 - Konsuki #99 (x2) 07 -
  15. See the club shop, the page you need is in the below link