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    Perrin front & rear drop links.
    Perrin ALK.
    STi Carbon Alloy front strut brace.
    Chevron Motorsport geo set-up with Sprint Settings.
    Blitz Nur Spec R.
    LED side lights.
    Silver vision front & rear indicators.
    Black interior carpet.
    Alcantara trimmed steering wheel.
    Performance Friction 2 piece front discs.
    Performance friction Z rated pads, front & rear.
    HEL 'red' braided brake lines all round.
    Kenwood DDX BT4028 head-unit.
    Cosworth Panel Filter.
    Smoked side repeaters.
    Yokohama AD08 tyres.
    Subaru window deflectors.

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  1. Here - #305 sale thread
  2. Ian at Godspeed Brakes - http://www.godspeedbrakes.co.uk/88-subaru
  3. Think it cost me about £5000. I had my block pinned too!
  4. Sure that's not the first time the HG has gone on #247! I'd definitely consider getting the pistons forged, with uprated Cosworth stopper HG & ARP head-studs. Worth removing the secondary air pump, oil pump & depending on mileage maybe a clutch.
  5. Sharafit, Welcome to the RB320oc. It may assist your sale if you give a bit more info, especially the RB320 build number. Pictures of the car now & with the work required too, prior to the CAT D registration would be good too! How long have you owned it for, service history, full spec, engine re-build (forged) etc & how many owners has it had? CAT D registered value will always be -1/3+ price non registered!
  6. Thread locked.
  7. Google is your friend...... - http://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/products.aspx?CategoryId=6ac8a8f1-ec4a-4e98-896e-7de60768c54e
  8. pwig... welcome to the club, now you're selling lol - GLWTS Some things that may assist with the sale; Did the main dealer do the re-build & did they forge or uprate any of the OE parts... pistons, HG, head-studs etc, with better/stronger/more reliable alternatives? What mileage is it on & where's the OE splitter?
  9. You can get RB320 mudflap decals from the club shop. Sure there's a few sellers in the UK!
  10. You'll find Prodrive mudflaps like rocking horse 5h1t to get hold of now. But these get very good reviews - http://www.rallyarmor.com/index.php/rally-mud-flaps-subaru-wrx-sti-c-60_66 Also, do a search on here... It's been discussed before & someone posted a link to some CF ones!
  11. It's only worth what someone is willing to pay at the end of the day & without a price I guess buyers are put off. In all honesty, RB320's don't really hang around for long, so I suggest you put up what you want or are willing to accept, even if it's on the high side. Then let buyers either pay your asking price or at last know what you want so they can put finances in place or haggle for a deal! The majority of car enthusiast forum sites won't let you advertise without a specific sale figure. The RB320oc doesn't do this yet..! Also, PM either me or Rob34 with details for the RB320 registry to be updated with #052's details
  12. Always difficult for people to show interest without a sale price. You might have an idea what it's worth, but any prospective owner needs to know what that is!
  13. Mark, see your old car is already back up for sale on eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282084063741
  14. These really need to be replaced in pairs, as advised by Bilstein.
  15. This was one of the best upgrade/mods I did, changing out the blue carpet for black. The OE blue carpet should've always been black/grey..!! I'd be surprised if this doesn't get snapped up. GLWTS