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  1. How are you fixed for this week?
  2. Just need to keep your eyes peeled mate. I travelled 240 miles to get mine. The ad told a couple of lies but I love Chistene to bits so that was that. Deal done and went back down the following week to pick her up. Point is, there isn't many around so you'll have to spend time travelling about to find 1.
  3. Possibly going away this weekend so try for next week sometime if that's ok.
  4. Stick me down #246
  5. yip I'm interested. Where is the best place to catch up with you?
  6. Bummer I would've took a couple.
  7. Do you still have this?
  8. Seems like a decent piece of kit. I did look at some and they were touching around 850 quid. wouldn't say they were twice as good as that Sony. I would change the speakers anyway, that probably goes without saying.
  9. Might give him a call thanks
  10. Is it still possible to get these?
  11. Maybe a bit late in here but a lot of the cars for sale now aren't that much cheaper and have a whole load of miles on them.
  12. Looking to replace the Bol***ks head unit with a new 1. Must have Bluetooth for the phone and possibly sat nav although not a deal breaker. I'm not that clued up on this sort of stuff nowadays but is it still a case of the more expensive the better????????
  13. Where is the best place to get a new set of mud flaps? My front driver side is worn down a bit so looking to replace.