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  1. New headunit

    If you have an Apple or Android phone I'd suggest getting something with Carplay and/or Android Auto, they are so much nicer to use than the standard interfaces from the likes of Kenwood or Pioneer, which still seem to be stuck in the 90s when aftermarket stereos were a big thing. I've been using a Pioneer SPH-DA120 for Apple Carplay for over a year and it's a nice stereo but it's all touch-based, so a little difficult at times given the ride of the RB. If I was buying again I'd go for a Sony XAV-AX100: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/in-car-receivers-players/xav-ax100
  2. 11k miles, full spec RB320 standard 1 owner, how much

    Please tell me it isn't 001.
  3. RB320 #247 for sale 57k miles

    Good luck with the sale.
  4. Coolant Circulation Issue?

    Had the block and heads completely overhauled. Uprated studs, pistons, head gasket and full set of new seals. New Main and Big End ACL bearings, cam belt kit and Exedy Pink Box clutch. The turbo was found to have a small crack in the usual place so that needs sorting at some point but it's not a huge concern at the moment. Simon says it's good for low 400's in terms of HP but obviously limited at the moment by the stock turbo. Like I've always said though I'm not looking for any more power, just having it back running without it overheating is great. I should start a proper thread for all the work I do on this car as I've got a few plans to make the interior a slightly nicer place to be when the funds allow.
  5. Coolant Circulation Issue?

    Collected the RB today after having all the work done at Chevron. I've got a few miles to run in before I can give it the beans but it feels absolutely fantastic, pulls like a freight train.
  6. Coolant Circulation Issue?

    I'm not sure about that yet. The HGF was diagnosed from taking it for a run out and as far as I'm aware it's not been taken apart yet so we don't know the full extent of what needs doing. I'm also not entirely sure what I should be having done. I'm trying to read up on a few previous build threads to get an idea before Chevron get back in touch with me but I'll probably be following a lot of guidance from Simon. I'm not looking for any power gains as being young makes it hard enough to insure one of these things so I'll probably just look at replacing the known weak links in the engine.
  7. Coolant Circulation Issue?

    Yeah, took it in a few weeks back and they confirmed HGF, now just waiting to have work done as they're super busy at the moment.
  8. Coolant Circulation Issue?

    Ross nailed it with that test. Exact symptoms replicated. Fortunately I've got Chevron Motorsport not too far away so it's going to see them very soon. No doubt they'll confirm HG failure and I'll figure out where to go from there.
  9. Coolant Circulation Issue?

    That's what I'm worried about. I can't see any oil in the coolant tank and I'll talk to my local dealer tomorrow but I really, really hope it's not the head gasket. I've already lost a few grands worth of cameras this weekend.
  10. Hi guys, Had a bit of a scare on the way back home from the Nurburgring today when at the tunnel my water temp started rising fast. The non-pressurised coolant filler was quite a bit higher than I left it which I found odd. Being desperate my mate unscrewed the cap above the turbo and tipped some water in there. That seemed to work as when I dropped him off in Milton Keynes after a steady 70mph run back from Folkestone the temperature was completely normal. I've driven on back up to the Midlands and as I was reaching the slower roads back to home the temperature started rising again. I let the car cool down and the filler tank is now even higher than before (looks like it's actually blown some fluid out the top...) and the tank by the turbo which was brimmed is now empty, even when I squeeze the pipes. To me it seems all the coolant is going one way and not coming back while it's running. I don't know if we've made it worse by removing the pressurised cap? Any ideas what the problem could be or what I can do to fix it? This is just added insult to an already bad weekend. I was out there photographing the 24h race and both cameras I had died in the massive hail storm that hit the track, so I only got to shoot the first 50mins of the race.
  11. Pioneer CarPlay

    Thanks Jezza. That's food for thought.
  12. Pioneer CarPlay

    This is a beautiful looking unit and one of a few I'd like to replace the Clarion double DIN with. I'm curious to know how you're getting on with it after almost a year.